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Tabby Cats and the Dragon by starwoodarts

this is soooooo soft and beautiful. It is wonderfully composed and i love the whole concept and the colors you have used. i think the c...




Dare Collage 5 - Supernatural AU by DragonPress
Dare Collage 5 - Supernatural AU
I have 2 new chapters almost ready to go up, but I want to put art with them AS they go up (or else i’m afraid i could fall behind again) and I’m having trouble coming up with something for them. 

So instead, here are 6 new pieces going up in old chapters.
14, 27, 28, 30, 32 and 34

Now I’m only missing art for 29, 31, 33, 35, 36, 37 and 45. That’s only 7 pictures left  out of 54! (55 if you count the fact that one chapter has 2 pictures)

Or 9 pictures left to make, if you count the two chapters I haven’t even put up yet.

The bottom three, are my faves of this bunch. Also, while they are all quick pencil sketches, i cheated with the impala. It was soooo much black, that it would have been LESS quick to continue using JUST my pencil, so i added pen and sharpie.

The picture of Dean with the guitar is actually photo ref’d from a picture of my dad and his guitar. So yes, that IS his thumb over the top of the neck and being used on the frets. Which is a bad habit, but when you’re 6′4″ and you have big hands and you teach yourself how to play, apparently its an easy bad habit to make. Once upon a time, when dad went to get taught correctly, the guy asked my dad to demonstrate how he played first. Afterwards, he basically sent him home and said something along the lines of “Yeah, they are bad habits, but they work for you and trying to retrain you would just mess you up more.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Dream
Dare Collage 4 - Supernatural AU by DragonPress
Dare Collage 4 - Supernatural AU

The usual quick pencil sketches have been added in for Chapters 38,and 52.

New Chapters AND pictures also have been posted up: 

That’s about 7 pages of text.

 I’m really really happy with the pictures for these last two chapters. The one with Dean and Cas about to kiss, is calling to me to actually make time to do it up really nice. And the last one with the sketchbook is the first one I've added color too. A little departure from what I’ve been doing fr the story, but it seemed the right touch for it.

Oh, I guess I should note, that though the story is called "Don't be Afraid to Dream", I've also been kinda calling it "Dare to Dream" in my head. So when i label these collages, or title each of the pic files on my computer, dare is actually the word being used a lot. Thought i'd clarify that since some of the labeled collages for this have actually said DARE on it...

Supernatural Chibi Dean and Sam Face the Darkness by DragonPress
Supernatural Chibi Dean and Sam Face the Darkness
So I originally had this idea after the Season 10 Finale and something my hubby said that wouldn't leave me alone till I drew it.

Only, after I finished the picture, the more I looked at it, the more I hated it: Old Version (Horrible isn't it????)

So here we are - months later - and I just had to redo it.

I am MUCH MUCH MUCH happier with this. And I have no idea how I can suddenly draw Chibis (I know, they're not perfect, but....if you'd ever seen my other chibis before the ones I started drawing for Supernatural, you'd be horrified) but I'm liking them. :D

So far, except for one pic (thats not a portrait based off an actual photo) all my successful SPN pics have been chibified.

All micron Pen inks and Sharpie Marker
Colored with Manga Studio 5

Okay, this is a small web version, so you MIGHT NOT be able to read the text in the picture (which is WAY less obtrusive than it was before, which is one of the reasons i like this version better)

Dean: No, Sam, You can't cast a magic missile at the darkness.
Sam: But Dean, It's practically obligatory!
Don't Be Afraid to Dream: Collage 3 by DragonPress
Don't Be Afraid to Dream: Collage 3
Currently have like 52 chapters up. I just went back and put some art into chapters 16, 19, 20, 23, 25 and 26 as you can see.
that leaves only 15 more to make and i'll have caught up to where i am now. it WOULD Be 14 but i put 2 pics into the same chapter. It was necessary, i promise.

anyway, as usual, these are just QUICK (mostly, aside from like, 2, maybe 3 pics that i couldn't help working over a little more) graphite pics in my sketchbook. I want each chapter to have at LEAST one picture, and I feel kinda lame that not ALL of the chapters have actual character illustrations, but I find myself quite PROUD of a couple of those that aren't.

(like the chapters titled "Driver Picks the Music" and "Home Made Apple Pie" to name just 2 of 'em)
Read the story on AO3 "Don't Be Afraid to Dream" It's a Supernatural AU - I don't think you'd have to be conversant with Supernatural to enjoy it, but it would probably be beneficial if you did know it. Would love to know if others thought the same, OR what other people thought of it.

Sadly, not done yet. I'm working on it. I know where I want to be, just figuring out the stops along the way.


Nikki O'Shea
United States

I can’t believe I’m about to fill up a sketchbook. Like, seriously, i haven’t just kept a sketchbook in YEARS. These days, all my designs and roughs are usually on scrap paper before I transfer them to nice paper. All of which is loose and then floating around the house. 

I have 3 unfinished sketchbooks (one from 15 YEARS ago) floating around the house....

But now, NOW: I have a sketchbook that is 5 pages away from being filled up. I started it last spring. Out of curiosity, I took a look through it and worked up a breakdown.

74  filled pages. 41 of which are supernatural related. And I actually managed to refrain from ripping out more than one page.

  • 21 pages are bits and pieces, rough sketches and compositions and elements needing refinement for 5 different SPN pictures. 

  • 15 are for my supernatural fic

  • 2 are start to finish completed, random supernatural pics

  • 31 for the days of inktober (mostly geeky references, 3 of which were supernatural related)

  • the last 4 pages were the dragon designs for the AAC badges this year.

Looking at this sketchbook, and its breakdown, I've come to one conclusion. I’m a bit Supernatural obsessed. And in fact, if it hadn’t been for Inktober, only 4 pages wouldn’t had anything to do with SPN.

Conclusion? I need another sketchbook. Stat.

Honestly, what other conclusion could there be?

  • Mood: Neutral

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