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Tabby Cats and the Dragon by starwoodarts

this is soooooo soft and beautiful. It is wonderfully composed and i love the whole concept and the colors you have used. i think the c...




Two Makes One - McCoy by DragonPress
Two Makes One - McCoy

Two Makes One - Star Trek on A03 by @pherryt
(Reboot/Alternate Timeline/Kelvin TImeline/what are we calling it now?)

Pairings: Leonard McCoy / James T. Kirk (McKirk), Spock/Uhura
Word Count: 7003
One shot - Complete
Summary Soul Mates are rare, so rare that even having heard the stories about them as a child when most others didn’t even know the stories ever existed, Leonard McCoy completely forgot about them.Decades later, and he’s forgotten the signs, doesn’t understand whats happening until it’s too late. He’s fallen too deep for one Captain James T. Kirk.That should make him happy right? Problem is, Leonard doesn’t believe he deserves this.

Finally got around to making something other than the soulmate mark for this story. This is my first time trying to draw ANY McCoy, but this one is Karl Urban specifically. 

I’m really liking this. it took me a while to get it the way i wanted. and a few experiments on how the line work and ‘background’ outside the insignia should look. Finally settled on the last because i wanted those other pieces in, but, if i didn’t ‘blur’ them out, well, as you can see, the insignia kinda got a little lost.

I did take some liberties…they’re wearing the wrong uniforms. But i wanted some color to this, so i did it anyway. 

Now to run and add it to the story!

Scared Chapter 34 by DragonPress
Scared Chapter 34

Scared to Act - Chapter 35: Pillow Forts and Strange Noises 

Summary: Wherein Gabe, Sam and Claire fall asleep in the pillow fort and Gabriel finds he’s got his own issues that need dealing with. 
Word Count: 1390

Supernatural AU: Destiel, Sabriel

I have been awake for um…wait, i need to do math here…40 hours with a short 3 hour nap. Not for lack of trying. Sooooooo…. here’s a chapter i wrote today. Thought of how it would go when I first couldn’t fall asleep. Wrote it down hours later. Maybe i should have just gotten up then and wrote it all down. Maybe my brain was afraid i’d forget it all.

Anyway, it occurred to me that…Gabriel must have his own issues about Jimmy and Amelia’s deaths. He didn’t get brunt of the trauma like Cas and Claire, but he WAS affected in more than the expected way, even if he didn’t realize it. aside from his grief, he hadn’t dealt with any of it. And thus this chapter was born.

Sorry guys!

Destiel Kiss - Date Night for Scared by DragonPress
Destiel Kiss - Date Night for Scared
Another picture for my story - Scared to Act - this is chapter 34.

i'm not happy with Cas's hair though. i gotta fix that somehow. also, i plan on coloring this in at some point.


Nikki O'Shea
United States

I am feeling such a sense of relief right now. 

I kinda had a scare and i hadn’t even told anyone in my family that i was getting checked for breast cancer today...i’d found a weird lump and some sort of sore and considering family history, I was frickin’ freaked.

But i put on my YANA shirt and headed out this morning. had a pleasant talk about the shirt and the AKF campaign too with the receptionist and walked out with a clean bill of health. 

and a medical recommendation for a reduction in size, which i’m all for.

I take my victories where i can get ‘em

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